Q: What do you mean by midlife? How old is a midlife woman?



As it turns out my Mum was ‘midlife’ at 25. It’s arbitrary. But if you’re into numbers then based on predicted mortality statistics it’s women in their 40s/50s.

As I emerge from my healing hiatus I am guided to work with my community of conscious/awakening women as we reach a certain age and emerge into our wisdom years. My community has grown with me. We’re older. We’re wiser. We’re having shared inner and outer experiences unique to this time of life.


Midlife is a time of contrasts. A time of meltdowns, transformations, had enoughs and no more effs given!! A time of insecurity but wisdom. More confidence but less self/esteem. It’s a time when health and self-care become a priority. It’s a time when soul relationships and our soul path can start screaming at us and flipping the script. As hormones burn it’s also a time of deep healing as The Witch Wound surfaces along with righteous rage at the Patriarchy. It’s also when our authentic Feminine Power will wait no more!

I have always been passionate about honouring the wisdom of our elders. As a child I was surrounded by women over 60 in my Mum’s home hairdressing business. I soaked up the stories and the wisdom! In the west older people, especially women, become invisible. The beautiful, loyal women in my community are elders-in-training, sages-in-waiting. I am a cheerleader for the older woman. Spirituality, empowerment, personal growth, Yoga, Healing, Instagram etc are not just for tanned twenty-somethings!

This new path working with emerging Wise Women has been gestating within me for some time and then I had some welcome external signs of confirmation….



I was sitting on a neon pink chair in the waiting room at The Breast Care clinic flicking through old magazines when I glimpsed a checklist of symptoms of midlife crisis for women. We hear so much about men and their midlife crisis but never women. 

The main symptom I recall was that women feel a creeping sadness and dissatisfaction, a feeling of time slipping away and wondering if we’ve failed or achieved all we ‘should’ have. I completely related and recognised hundreds if not thousands of my clients in that description.

Then I came home and saw a beautifully written article by Brene Brown: The Midlife Unravelling

And then in response to my questions my dear friend Louisa Tanner Munson shared her Astrological insights into our life cycles and midlife on the lighthearted but fascinating ‘Astrology Show’ on the Barefoot Broadcast, hosted by her husband Carl.



I’m really looking forward to exploring and slowly unpacking this new path with you all. I have a lot more to say!

Your stories and feedback are essential to the authenticity and power of this work, so do comment and share your experiences of life as a conscious ‘midlife’ woman below. I love hearing from you.

Thank you!

More coming soon lovelies!




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