The Power of YES! – Why you lose parts of yourself and how to get them back!


the power of yes



Years ago one of my first spiritual teachers (a Canadian business guru turned shamanic and spiritual leader) asked me squarely in the eyes,

“Kimberley, what do you want?”

We were working together at that time developing energy workshops on transformation, tapping into the vortex that allows us to manifest instantly.

There I was with my very own genie asking me to make my wishes. If I could have whatever I wanted in all the world, what would it be?

What happened next changed me and my life forever.


I realised that I didn’t know what I wanted.

I didn’t have a clue. However, that wasn’t what shook me to my core.

What really rattled my cage and catapulted me onto the most powerful path of my life was the realisation or sensation/awareness that whatever place people go to inside themselves in order to know what they want just wasn’t there for me. Nothing. Empty.

In fact, it is more accurate to say that I didn’t have access to it. The connection was broken.

But why?


kim thinking


The reason is I had been living outside myself. My core energy if you like had not formed within my body but outside my body. I had grown up living through other people and what they thought and what they felt.

I had been giving myself and my personal power away to all those people for years. I had been saying NO to myself without realising it. I’d been saying YES to everyone else, their opinions, their view of the world and their idea of what I should do. This had left me exhausted, seriously unwell, lost, confused and empty. My inner well-spring had run dry and I was running on empty.

My self-esteem and personal energy was so low that I was easily manipulated, taken advantage of and became an easy target for ‘takers’ and psychic vampires.

How did this happen?


when you say yes to others

Well first of all, like many of you, I’m a highly sensitive empath, so I am overwhelmingly aware of what others feel and think.
Also my dear late Mum (not knowing how much she was loved) would use guilt trips and manipulation to get me to do what she wanted me to do and I was conditioned to put her and her feelings first. My father used outright aggression and intimidation. And so I didn’t cultivate any sense of self beyond what other people wanted from me or beyond what other people were thinking and feeling.

Add a lot of trauma to that conditioning and the fact that I’m an empath and my main issue leading to low self-esteem was that I was not in my body!

When my teacher asked me what I wanted it was as if a million scattered, lost, fragmented and homesick pieces of my soul floating aimless in the outer reaches of the universe heard a call to return home.

Slowly a process of reclaiming myself and coming back home to my body began.

I started to learn how to say YES to me.



This was completely new for me.
Coming back to myself and back to my body brought up all sorts of emotions and resistance as I touched into pain I hadn’t dealt with. However, I knew that if I wanted to be the real me, be who I came here to be and find my true tribe, I had to learn how to create that YES pathway back to myself.

At first I over-compensated by swinging to the other extreme and started saying NO to everyone else. I pushed people away and left my home town. I needed to discover who I was when not living through other people’s perception of me (something I was acutely aware of as an empath). I needed to get back into my body and learn what it felt like to know what I wanted for a change and then miracle of miracles to act on that and actually create something that I wanted.

As an energy intuitive I sensed and learned over time that low self-esteem for many of us Sensitives, Empaths and awakening women is a result of our energy, our soul and ourselves being scattered all over the place and our soul energy (that part that is embodied) being depleted. This is perpetuated when we say yes to everyone and no to ourselves, without even realising we are doing it.




Calling back those lost and scattered parts of ourselves requires a clarion call from the heart.

To start loving ourselves and to discover who we really and why we are here we need to reclaim our lost energy and start saying YES to ourselves at the deepest level.

It isn’t shameful to put yourself first or at the very least to serve yourself as willingly and as well as you serve others. So many of us feel guilty about that. And guess what? Guilt is a sign you are not in your body.




And so this is my clarion call from the heart.

To my sisters in this world who have done so much for others and who are awakening to a new phase in their is time to say YES to YOU!

It is time to reclaim yourself and your self-esteem.

As the ad says “You’re worth it!”

You are lovable.

You are good enough.

You matter.





I wish I could be there for you in person to sit with you, go for coffee and remind you of how much you matter on those days when you doubt yourself or forget about yourself. I would be there to say a deep YES to you, to validate you and love you. I would help bring you back to yourself and back to your body. I would hopefully remind you of how beautiful you truly are.

Sadly I can’t be there in person for you all and so that is why I write blog posts, share love on social media, record audios etc. It’s my way of being there for you and helping as many women as possible.

My latest offering is an audio called ‘Say YES to YOU!’




It is OK to put yourself first and to want better situations for yourself. Aim high, go for gold, never settle for second best. It’s OK to say YES to YOU and reclaim your lost self so you can thrive and shine. Your soul will keep an eye on you and ensure you always get what you need for your growth and evolution, by loving yourself you come into alignment with your soul. Trust yourself.

You matter. You are important. The world needs you.

It’s time to stop saying no to yourself in hundreds of tiny ways every day. It’s time to breathe into your heart and say a deep YES to YOU!

It’s time my friend and you are not alone.

We are awakening together.

Lots of love,

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The self-belief activation for awakening women:  ‘Say YES to YOU!’ 

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  1. I enjoyed it,it made me feel so much better. My family don’t unter stand me. They don’t want to hear about GOD. Even my kid’s they was in Sunday school most of there life,but they act like they don’t remember those days. Look like satan has taken over them.

  2. Kimberley Jones says:

    Thank you dear Carmen and I say a great big YAY to that!
    Lots of love,
    Kimberley ♥

  3. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. It resonates deeply as I was raised in a ‘guilt tripping’ environment and have slowly been reclaiming my personal power and setting boundaries. Yes to me!! Yes, yes, yes!! Love you! Carmen

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