When I became the muse for magical healing art



A few months ago I began a magical journey of art and healing that would take my breath away.

I had seen some delightful illustrations of women floating past on my facebook timeline last year and I could feel there was something special about them. Maybe as an intuitive and energy artist I was picking up on some vibes I really liked. I wasn’t sure. I just knew I liked them. A lot!


A few synchronicities later and I finally contacted the artist Julia Dolowicz of ‘Jules Dolly Art’

And so began a wonderful journey and a special friendship.

Jules is an artist, illustrator, healer, muse and creator of Muse Mantra Art. She draws people and animals and give them a healing at the same time.

I am thrilled to share with you my journey of receiving my very own personal Muse Mantra illustration!! And this isn’t any ordinary illustration or portrait. Jules tuned into my highest self and channeled my essence along with healing Reiki energies into the piece.




(Pic of Jules’ Muse Mantra Deck)


Rather unusually I ended up with two images. That is because the first illustration Jules did actually dug deep into those parts of me that still need loving and accepting. It triggered all my self-consciousness, body image issues and also deeper issues of self-worth and even my feelings about ongoing health issues.

As a healer myself I wasn’t worried about my reaction at all and nor was Jules. We both understood this was a sacred process and that something magical was being triggered by my Muse Mantra healing journey. I felt very safe with  Jules facilitating this deeper process with her art.

With much care and attention, Jules guided me through the healing process and we ended up with a final piece that really captured my true essence, my whole and empowered self and has indeed become my own muse for my growth and healing as I move forward on my path.



Kimberley with her Muse Mantra by Jules Dolly SMALL



Here’s what I wrote about my experience of working with Julia:

“My experience of working with Julia and receiving my Muse Mantra has been so transformational. Every step of the way has helped me love and accept myself more and more and to let go of anything in the way of that. I have my Muse Mantra as my computer wallpaper and every day I see her she calls me deeper into my highest self, as a radiant, confident goddess. She is far more than a piece of gorgeous art. She is a totem and an ongoing healer for me. Thank you Julia for sharing your magical gifts in such a delightful way!”



And here’s the final full Muse Mantra design that Jules created for me (she also gave me a blank version):

My Muse Mantra

What do YOU feel from it my friend? Do you sense my energy? Leave a comment below.



As a result of our connection I went on to help Jules with some intuitive business coaching and website re-branding more in line with her heart, soul and authentic purpose. You can see the results at her gorgeous new website: www.julesdollyart.co.uk

Here’s what Jules had to say about working me (this is such a love fest!):

“Kimberley has been the intuitive coach I have been seeking for such a while now. At our very first Skype chat, she listened, attentively, allowing me the space to talk, and then she reflected back her guidance, which was like WOW. She knew how I was feeling, she could see my vision, her guides could too. We have gone on to have more sessions and what I know for sure is she is empathic beyond measure and deeply respectful of where you’re at in your business. She has so much experience in her medicine bag that it overflows. Her guidance and support has helped me to restructure my offerings and website structure. She has been my 2nd pair of eyes and as an energy artist and healer herself, she knows exactly how it feels to be a woman in business and a spiritual woman entrepreneur working in the online field.”


For more of Jules’ gorgeous work visit her website: www.julesdollyart.co.uk


Lots of love

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  1. Kimberley Jones says:

    Oh wow Trisha that’s nice to hear.
    K ♥

  2. Kimberley Jones says:

    Thanks so much Kourtenaye!
    Much love,
    K ♥

  3. Hi Kimberley,

    Thanks for sharing – what a beautiful feeling I got from your muse mantra design of you xxx

  4. Kourtenaye says:

    BeautifuL!!! I LOVE This Lovely Loving Love-able LoVEFesT~!!!!! 😀
    Congratulations Kimberley, on continuing your Self-care and healing journey in New, Fun and Exciting ways and thereby encouraging Me and others to do the same.! 😀 <3

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