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Intuitive Business: The Soul Sessions will help you re-awaken your feminine essence and bring it into balance with practical, masculine skills so you can truly shine from the inside-out.


Helping you make a difference and make a living with out selling out or burning out!

Embracing your intuitive, creative feminine power and finding your own natural, easy way of working in a healthy and sustainable way.



“These sessions are the feminine antidote to and a blessed relief from the hustle and bustle of the pushy ego-driven patriarchal business paradigm. This is something real and hugely needed in our time.”

– Elizabeth Granger, USA




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“These sessions bring the blessings of my long lineage of intuitive, ‘seer’ women together with more than 20 years experience working for businesses large and small plus my own 10 years birthing my own soulful business and all my messy and magical lessons learned along the way!” – Kimberley



With her signature warmth, wisdom, incisive intuition and loving encouragement, Kimberley will help you to synchronise with nature around you and within you.


These sessions help you to recognise and heal the impact of the ‘Witch Wound’ (both personal and collective) that may be blocking your gifts and help you to step out of the ‘spiritual closet’, face your fears and find the freedom to be YOU.


This is deep, authentic feminine wisdom, specific to you and made practical for your every day life and business.


It takes you beyond competing with other women from a disconnected place of ‘not enough’ and plugs you into your own abundant wellspring and the joy of sisterhood. We’re in this together!







“Kimberley’s gift of being able to read and connect with your energy completely validates where you are on your journey! Her ability to see through to my Soul helped to pinpoint and address what was blocking me from moving forward in my life and in preparing myself to create a Soul-full business” 

– Terry Bezner, California, USA






Kimberley taught her first transformational workshop in 2000 and was part of the creative development team for international conferences on spirituality in business and conscious energy processes in businesses and organisations.

Described as “A real life spirit guide” Kimberley is an awakening expert, Soul Whisperer and teacher who has spoken at international summits alongside Alberto Villoldo, Dr Judith Orloff, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Guy and Katie Hendricks and other thought leaders of our time.

For the last 10 years Kimberley has run her own Feminine Soulful Business empowering awakening women all over the world.

Voted ‘Lightworker of the Year’ (by Lightworker Magazine).

Voted number 15 in the top 50 influencers of the human potential movement (by SAP Business Innovation)

Voted in the TOP 50 women’s empowerment blogs of 2015!

Kimberley is now a respected thought leader and sought after expert on Spiritual Awakening and Feminine Soulful Business, she has had over 100 articles published worldwide and has also contributed to 3 books.




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“I have completely changed the work that I am doing in the world as a result of knowing Kimberley.  I highly recommend and endorse Kimberley and her work – she is a powerful catalyst for helping people align with their soul’s purpose.”

– Kathleen Nelson Troyer. Founder of Gently Moving Forward





Work with Kimberley

1-2-1 Tel/Skype Sessions: £149 (60 mins)

Email Readings: £97 


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