Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human


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I little while ago I was asked by spiritual teacher Kiara Windrider to write the foreword for his new book all about the healing modality he has channeled into the world: ‘Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human’. See my full foreword below.

Here is some more information about this beautiful healing energy that I have been lucky enough receive directly from Kiara himself…….


Ilahinoor, or “divine light”, is a powerful new healing system that has been developing over the past couple years.

Drawing on a morphogenetic field developed through various initiatory practices from old Egypt, from the Sufi tradition, as well as from energetic transmissions received from the cetacean consciousness, it allows for the integration of the subconscious mind with the wisdom of the superconscious, thereby allowing the conscious self to express a deeper quality of divine possibilities in daily life.

The basic technique is learning to form a bridge between the limbic system, an area of the brain that is associated with the subconscious mind, and the areas of the brain that link with the higher self. Once this happens, the full creative capacity of the higher self can flow through our lives for the purposes of healing, embodying our divine purpose, and manifesting new realities.

For more information visit Kiara Windrider’s website




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“Let your heart’s light guide you to my house.

Let your heart’s light show you that we are one.”


As foreseen by the ancients, we are waking from a long, dark night of separation and materialism and emerging into an integral, interconnected world view. After 26,000 years our sun is now in alignment with the Galactic Centre. The evolutionary pulse from our Great Mother is reverberating through our consciousness, bathing us in Source energy, awakening us to the infinite possibilities of our quantum, fractal and holographic reality. Waves of high frequency cosmic and gamma rays are lapping at our shores affecting physical matter as well as how we think and feel.

We are evolving. We are expanding. We are remembering.

Conscious Evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard refers to this process as the birth of the Universal Human. The labour pains are evident. Old systems and power bases are crumbling into chaos. But the pain has meaning. As our inner and outer foundations are shaken to the core, we are being reborn through post-traumatic growth and spiritual transformation. We are awakening.

The Great Mother of our Galactic Centre is blasting our planet and our consciousness with intense frequencies of light, activating our divine blueprint. Anything not in alignment with our highest evolutionary impulse (LOVE) is being challenged and broken down. We either flow with it or feel the pain of resisting the inevitable.

This process of breaking down could be referred to as a healing crisis. I have seen a personal version of this planetary process in myself and in clients over the years. The light pours in and old pain from what Eckhart Tolle refers to as the personal or collective ‘pain body’ is brought to the surface. Anything not in alignment with the light is challenged and brought up to be transmuted. As this old stored information comes up we are called to be witness and observer of the process. We are invited to no longer act out or project this pain onto each other causing destruction but to trust the process, align with our heart and remember who we are; LOVE in physical form.

We must gather our scattered, separated selves and reconnect with our eternal soul. Old paradigms on Earth are weakening and crumbling. It is time for compassion and communication over conflict, collaboration rather than competition and for transparency and integrity over concealment. The evolutionary fuel for this shift is LOVE.

When we open our hearts wide enough and surrender completely, we become a conduit for grounding the light of Source to Earth, blessing all. Kiara Windrider is one such person. I have received Ilahinoor from Kiara personally and it has been a blessing in my life. His cosmic download is a gift, a light language offered to all and to be used and shared by all. Ilahinoor opens us as toroidal conduits of energy to and from the universe, we become the place where heaven and earth meet and make love.

Kiara is a chosen midwife for the Great Mother to give birth to the next phase of our consciousness.  In the pages that follow you will not only learn about the nourishing, grounding energy of Ilahinoor and how Kiara came to birth it to Earth, you will also receive it. In holding this book you will be bathed in its frequency, affecting you and everyone you meet in the process. Consciousness is contagious and this book is a catalyst for a new epidemic of enlightenment.



For more information visit Kiara Windrider’s website

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