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*Buttons pushed. Passion rising. Rant alert!*

I’m sharing about this AGAIN because I can also see this bubbling up for many of my friends and it needs voicing over and over:

It isn’t just about WHAT you’re selling folks! It’s about HOW you do it!

Back in 1999 I was blessed to be part of a leading edge creative/intuitive development team birthing a new paradigm of ‘Spirituality in Business’. We made great strides. And then along came the new online business models of the coaching and information business and the so-called spiritual online businesses and we’re back to the start again…….integrity and humanity out of the window. Lip service, egos and ‘Mean Girls’ style back-scratching cliques, false idols and patriarchy dressed up as something else

It’s time to call it.

Below is the post I shared back in October 2015 which led to the creation of my new facebook group helping awakening women find their place in birthing a new Feminine Business paradigm. I’m also writing a book about Feminine Business at the moment (gently while on hiatus):

“This is the HEART FIRE I’ve been riding lately my friends (again)………

I just can’t/ WON’T do business the way everyone and his or her dog seems to be telling me to.

Goals, deadlines, strategies all about profit margin, conversions, marketing and the competition. Driving and pushing, left-brained and forcing, no matter how I feel.

Maybe I’m not cut out for it, this working for myself thing. Or maybe I’m just feeling the dissonance of a masculine path jarring my feminine body.

Maybe there is another way?

I really don’t know. I’m figuring it out and creating it as I go along. I have been for 16 years. Perhaps there is a way that works for the deeply feminine and highly sensitive. A new and ancient way that serves you, serves me and honours my need for intuitive and creative flow.

I don’t like the label ‘entrepreneur’, it doesn’t suit me. I’m an artist. A mystic. Finding a way to have that make me a living and stay true to myself, that is the ongoing challenge.

Staying in my authentic inner flow and often deep mysterious process when outer demands get urgent. To balance my need for creative autonomy with my need for help and connection and of being bloody tired of doing it all alone! That’s the challenge.
To keep believing in myself when everything keeps changing, to keep trusting and surrendering and creating and opening when sometimes I just want to run for cover and hide, feeling like a failure. To keep going. That’s the challenge.

I’m navigating a path that doesn’t exist yet. An unfolding path of feminine ‘business’ creation in a masculine world, one where even women are falling into the old paradigm, masculine ways, disguised as ‘working the system’ or ‘being realistic’.

Are you with me? Can you feel it too my loves?

So right now I’ve pressed the pause button and am sitting in the space of not knowing. Watching. Feeling. Noticing. Breathing.

We’ll see…..”

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Lots of love,
Kim x




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