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Kimberley Jones is the Midwife for Modern Mystics, a down-to-earth spiritual teacher, 4th generation intuitive ‘seer’ and an award-winning spiritual mentor from Devon in the UK.

Described as “A real life spirit guide” Kimberley is an awakening expert, Soul Whisperer and teacher who has spoken at international summits alongside Alberto Villoldo, Dr Judith Orloff, Guy and Katie Hendricks and other thought leaders of our time.


Kimberley is a ‘gnostic’. So her knowledge and wisdom of the spiritual truths were arrived at by way of profound personal transformation, interior, intuitive means and direct mystical and lived experience, not simply through study or seeking.

Her purpose in this lifetime is as Spiritual Midwife for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine in the real everyday lives of real women.

She also works with thought leaders, creatives, fellow Mystics and teachers as well as famous musicians, actors, singers and artists.



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“My own journey of awakening has not been smooth.

I experienced Spiritual Crisis and fell apart following the death of my mother. This sacred and often misunderstood process awoke multiple intuitive and creative gifts and transformed my consciousness in a way that after much work now allows me to empower thousands of awakening women all over the world. I am truly blessed.

What I have learned is that breaking down is an essential part of waking up and that when we think we’re falling apart, we may actually be falling awake. What is often medicated and misdiagnosed as illness is merely the rising of the Mystic.

I am now a member of the development group for The Spiritual Crisis Network UK, a charity seeking to change the system and raise awareness of spiritual transformation so we do not suppress the emergence of our future thought leaders, artists, teachers and change-agents.


Kimberley 2nd birthday April1974

(A very sensitive, psychic little Kimberley on her 2nd birthday! With dear Mum, the woman who started it all)


As a child Kimberley communicated with the spirit world and just knew who people were beyond their ego and identity, deep down at their essence. She has been offering hands-on ‘healing’ transmissions for 24 years.

In 1998 she experienced a profound transformation and spiritual awakening following the passing of her mother. Kimberley acted as Spiritual Midwife for her Mother’s transition. This transformation involved a download of her ancestors unused spiritual and intuitive gifts plus initiations and realisations about the nature of life and reality.

Kimberley’s extraordinary story of awakening has been the subject of psychological research, several books and is currently being turned into a film.








Right now Kimberley is on hiatus, resting and healing. Following her sudden awakening and Spiritual Crisis in 1998 she developed physical health issues, leading her more deeply into embodiment and healing practices. During big life changes and times of stress certain symptoms recur calling her to retreat and rest.


Kimberley is gently re-writing her memoir recounting her own journey of spiritual/Kundalini crisis and the awakening of the gifts of her lineage.

As an intuitive energy artist Kimberley occasionally paints her ‘Oracle Art’ (see Kim’s Shop)

Kimberley is also passionate about raising awareness of spiritual crisis/spiritual emergency and how it is often mistaken for mental illness and is part of the development team for The Spiritual Crisis Network UK. Her story has been featured in SCN founder Catherine G Lucas’ book: ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ and in the best selling series ‘Experiences from the Light’.



Awarded a place in the TOP 50 women’s empowerment blogs of 2015

Advisory Board member of the International Spiritual Emergence Network

Lightworker of the Year awarded by Lightworker Magazine

Development Group member of The Spiritual Crisis Network UK

Member of the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers

Certificate in Quantum Activism (Dr Amit Goswami, International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine)

Founder of ‘One Minute for Peace’ the 11:11 Quantum Peace Project gathering over 8000 people together globally from 2009-2011 to meditate on peace utilising latest scientific knowledge about consciousness.

Founder of Imaginal Productions (film and media for an awake generation)

BA (Hons) History of Design and the Visual Arts

Creative Thinking (Natwest Bank)

Certificate in Business Management from Institute of Leadership and Management

Certificate in Transformational Facilitation from Soulutions

Certificate in Creative Kinesiology

Certificate in Reiki I, II, III

Kimberley has also widely studied psychology, energy medicine, new science and the healing arts for over 25 years.




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“Thank you for your emails; I really enjoy them and they bring me comfort” – Patricia G (USA)

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“I want you to know that I really appreciate the information you are providing. I really have found a personal peace” – Lila O

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“Thank you for your love and light. I always look forward for you mail such interesting articles. You truly are a remarkable woman. Keep up the sterling job. Love and light” – Vanesh N (South Africa)

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“Thank you so much Kimberley. You are so loving and caring” – Gaynor S (Spain)

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“Thank you for your newsletter and facebook updates. They have been very helpful” – Amber T (USA)

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“I would like to thank you so much Kimberley for being in my life even if it is across a computer screen but I have followed your journey and walked by your side holding your hand throughout the outpouring of your most intimate life story. I cannot express how grateful me and I’m sure so many of your/our tribe are for your loving, caring ways. Keep up the good work girlie. We all need you in our world.” – Esther M (UK)

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I look forward to chatting, sharing and working with you soon.
Thanks so much for being here my friend.

Lots of love,

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