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Kimberley Jones is the Soul Midwife for Midlife Women.

A down-to-earth feminine leader, spiritual teacher and 4th generation intuitive ‘seer’ she is an award-winning soul guide from Devon in the UK.

Described as “A real life spirit guide” Kimberley is an awakening expert and ‘soul whisperer’ who has spoken at international summits and been published alongside Alberto Villoldo, Lisa Nichols, Dr Judith Orloff, Guy and Katie Hendricks and other thought leaders of our time.

She was awarded Lighworker of the Year, voted in the top 50 Women’s Empowerment blogs, voted one of the top influencers in human potential on Twitter and has had her extraordinary journey of awakening featured in several books as well as in Psychological and Spiritual research.


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Kimberley’s story has been featured in several books including ‘Experiences from the Light’, ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ and ‘Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming’. She featured in a BBC documentary with her late Mum about a holistic approach to healing and was a key speaker at The Shades of Awakening Summit. Kimberley has been involved with UK and international charities raising awareness of spiritual emergency and the need to stop misdiagnosing and medicating awakening mystics.




A hello from Kimberley!

Hi there lovely! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m an artist, writer and ‘soul whisperer’ who comes from a long line of wise and wonderful psychic/intuitive women.

Sadly, due to what I call The Witch Wound they hid their gifts and true selves in the spiritual closet, doing their work in secret behind closed doors or suppressing it completely and settling for less in their lives. This ultimately cost them dearly.

I will not do the same thing. How about you?


I made a decision to openly and honestly share myself, my story, my gifts and my wisdom to hopefully inspire you to do the same and bravely become all you came here to be. My work and my website are here for YOU.


My blog and email newsletter are where I share the every day messy truths, highs, lows and deep soul stirrings of real life as an awakening woman. I share my experiences of spiritual/Kundalini crisis following my Mum’s passing, how I am growing and evolving through soulmate/twin flame love and I reveal how a Feminine approach to my health recovery and my business rebirth is changing everything. And just so you know, I’m not interested in being a glossy airbrushed Guru! I’m a real imperfect woman walking with you on the conscious path of grounded, embodied awakening. We’re in this together!


As well as writing I also create intuitive energy art known as Oracle Art to help connect you to a deep remembering of who you really are. People fainted at my first exhibition! Read more here.


You can work with me 1-2-1 via my Heart+Soul Readings. These are not your average psychic readings! I reconnect you to your own power and inner knowing by seeing/hearing you and reflecting you deeply and by offering helpful insight and loving guidance on your path of soul love, soul purpose and awakening. More info here.


You can also find a range of popular meditations and audioguides I have created for you, in Kim’s Shop.



“You are a very connected, insightful, loving, and truthful. And able to see the highest potential of those you work with” – Anna Grace Taylor www.annagracetaylor.com 


“You are Adorable! Exceptionally gifted, warm and wise. Courageous, open and real. Totally trust and respect your insights. Beautiful heart. You are such a blessing in this world” – Maggie Kay www.maggiekaywisdom.com