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kim bw sept 2015


Welcome friend…

Thank you for being here.  

I AM Kimberley Jones and I’m here to help you the sisterhood of sensitive, awakening women to embody your feminine, creative, intuitive power, a power that will change the world.

I am here to love you and guide you as you remember who you really are and why you are here.

I am here to help you love, support and believe in yourself as you come out of the spiritual closet and SHINE your light in your life and/or business.


“Kimberley you are a real life spirit guide!” – Evie, New Zealand.


It is time sister.

It is time to love yourself and to fully BE yourself.

It is time to align with your deepest integrity, to ignite your feminine fire.

It is time to connect with the unnamed and untamed, fierce, creative, intuitive and magical power within you. To embrace the messy and imperfect, wild, sensitive, unpredictable, empathic, feeling and free woman that you are.

My work is to walk with you as guide, healer, mentor and in-courager, helping you face your fears, love yourself, align with your power and purpose and find the freedom to be YOU. That is what will transform your life and this world.

You’re not alone my friend.

We’re on this path together.





Let’s get started!

Access wisdom and guidance on your spiritual path right now.

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PLEASE NOTE – Kimberley is currently on hiatus and her weekly ezine will return some time next year which is normally bursting with the following delights:


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–          This list is unusual and very special because it is personal and you are encouraged to have your say, share your stories and to email me every week to let me know how you are doing.



“Thank you Kimberley for your great newsletter, it’s like a rainbow in a rainy day. Blessings Martha”

– Martha M (Australia)


“Hi Kim, you are making a difference. A significant one to me and I have only been with the tribe for 2 weeks. But the information is something that is essential. I’ve been on my awakened journey for many years now and this is information that would have been beneficial all along. The messages you send are so incredibly helpful. For the first time I don’t feel alone. Thank you for sharing your gifts and experiences as an Empath.”

Renee (S.Carolina, USA)


“Kimberley, You are beautiful more than you would ever know.  Thank you for being you and shining your light so that we too feel comfortable to shine also no matter what we have been through or how painful life can feel at times. Love always, Sarah”

– Sarah Wood, UK.


“Dear Kimberley, 

I just want to say thank you :) All your words have been such an inspiration and fuel of courage for me. So please keep on writing. You’re such a blessing to this world. With love.”

– Dameria D (Netherlands)


“Thanks for your ebook. I wrote down those questions in my notebook and pondered and wrote and wrote and wrote. I was approached by a prospective employer today. This job is doing something I love and I’m very much suited for and the pay is double what I make now! You helped me find my courage. I have the courage to grab it. I know this job came to me because I asked! Blessings to you Kimberley” 

– Lana W (USA)


“I love reading your emails since they appear to arrive just in time when I need to hear I’m not alone ;)”

– Linda S (USA)


“Thank you for your little pieces of Weekly Wisdom, they are always so appropriate for me at that particular time in my life, which I am sure is no coincidence!”

– Sarah T (UK)


“Dear Kimberley,

Just to say “Hi” and many thanks as always – I look forward to getting your e-mails and you are such a source of inspiration and light, especially when things aren’t easy. With love, light and blessings to you, as always.”

– Caroline C (UK)


“I love your Weekly Wisdom.  Always find it is relevant to what is needed my life. Love & Light.”

– Mary H (USA)


“Dear Kimberley!
You helped me greatly with one of your weekly mails.
THANK YOU for all you do and for being so close to your subscribers… You are one of a kind!
Love & Blessings.”

– Alain D (Canada)



You don’t have to do this alone anymore my friend.

SIGN UP TODAY and let’s walk this path together.

The time is now.

Lots of love,

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